Hi, I am Jürgen. I am a Software Developer and passionate about full-stack web technologies.

About me

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My name is Jürgen, I am 25 years old and live in Linz, Austria. I am working as a Web Developer at jobs.at and author this blog.

Technology and Philosophy

My primary interest lies in web technologies starting with server-side development and ending with delivering great user experience on a web frontend. I am an open source enthusiast and I especially like the NodeJS ecosystem. I like playing around with the awesome stuff going on in this crazy web area and want to share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge I gained on my way. Moreover I am a big fan of continuously providing high valuable software to customers and improving as a individual software developer and team each day. Therefore I am always eager to follow the rapidly evolving progress in Agile, Cloud Computing, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

Spare Time

When I am not sitting in front of my computer, I usually spend my time watching one of my dozen favorite sports in TV or being active outside myself. While I like hanging out with friends at one of the lakes nearby and playing Beach Volleyball during summer time, I go down the Austrian hills with my skies when the snow falls in Winter. Next to my interests in sport I am a member of the voluntary fire brigade in my home town.